Designer Drapery

At Designer Drapery, we firmly believe in repairing, replacing worn or broken parts, altering and recycling.

We are extremely proud of our 'green streak'.

We undertake all sorts of alterations, from shortening or lengthening
(if possible) curtains,making one curtain out of two, or vice versa,
recording a broken roman blind, and we have even made two roman blinds out of what was a curtain before.

Whether any of these options are possible depends upon the new requirements for your windows and the condition and quality of the
fabric that you want to use.

Your home deserves to look its best, and you deserve value for money,
so we will not advise you to go ahead with any alterations that will not
give a professional and beautifully finished look to your windows.

Alterations are charged on an hourly basis, so please get in contact with
Designer Drapery for an estimate today.

Designer Drapery